Pick-up shows

Sometimes the past comes back to find you in some entertaining ways.  One such past found me the other day, when I got a call from Team Band HQ.  Team Band possesses some damn good songs and the propensity to raise a bigger onstage ruckus than anyone else in Chicago, and I was pretty happy to raise it when I was in the band – consequences of playing or mornings after be damned.  But those days are in the distant past now – although it’s only been about two years, a lot’s changed – and I’m relishing the opportunity to inhabit the band once again.  Never mind that my appearance comes as the result of some increasingly absurd line-up problems.

The whole thing has me thinking about some aspects of the musical life that I haven’t considered for awhile – the reward of short-term, clearly defined gigs as opposed to ongoing musical hikes; onstage nostalgia; and, well, being in a band that kicks ass.  I feel these are all new or forgotten avenues down which to wander.

More thoughts to come on this, but we’re rehearsing now for the show on Saturday, December 18, 2010 at Subterranean in Chicago, 2011 W. North, early start time of 7 PM, all ages.


About Travis Bird

New Orleans musician and writer
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