Debut solo tape out on Digitalis

My debut solo tape on Digitalis, Two Tidal States, isn’t announced on the Digitalis site yet, but it is available and going quickly on the Dial Square website.

States is made up of two sidelong synth pieces recorded in a single afternoon in 2010.  Both are completely improvised in a simple framework employing a mix of digital and analog gear–a Korg MS2000R, a Moog analog delay, and a Fender reverb unit that are all equally essential.  Although I love the sound of this setup, it is a bit of an anomaly, as it contains no guitar and none of the nonmusical elements that interest me.  So I can’t say I’ll be continuing with it in the near future.

That said, I’m very proud of both of these pieces, as they contain tones, variation, and pacing that I strive for.  Both express my love for more traditional or academic synth work–the first side, I discovered well after recording it, uncannily resembles a piece by Morton Subotnick, and the second is a more or less direct homage to Elaine Radigue.  But both are exploratory in their own ways, immersive and immediate.

One final note is that I will soon have my own copies available on this site, just in case you can’t get them through Digitalis.


About Travis Bird

New Orleans musician and writer
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