TB July solo tour

I’ll be undertaking a brief solo tour in a couple of weeks.  I’ll also be playing a couple of shows with Joe Houpert (Loud & Sad).

I’ll be focusing here on live improvisation involving both the guitar and nonmusical elements, crafting a unique sound environment that is heavily dependent on the location itself.  Inspired by the collections of my friend and collaborator Evan Lindorff-Ellery, and by recent spontaneous live performances, I’ll be collecting objects in each location to use as sound sources during my sets.  These objects may come from immediate surroundings, from travel experiences (by bus and train) between venues, and other elements pertaining to the particular moment in which I find myself on a stage.  They will be discarded after use for each set, and will dictate in large part what kind of work will be performed.

Dates are as follows:

Friday July 15 – Roup House, Pittsburgh, PA, w/ Alex Barnett, Brett Naucke, Hunted Creatures, Coyotes By The Way ; 7 PM, $5 suggested

Monday, July 18 – Vaudeville Park, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY w/ Millions, Human Relief, Dads Against Vietnam ; 6 PM

Tuesday, July 19 – Sprout, Richmond, VA ; 10 PM

Wednesday, July 20 – O’Brien’s Pub, Boston, MA w/ Ophibre, Middle Kingdom ; 10 PM

Thursday, July 21 – York, PA, The Depot w/ Joe Houpert

Friday, July 22 – Princeton, NJ, Live on WPRB’s “Music With Space” w/ Joe Houpert

Say hello if you happen to stop by or hear.


About Travis Bird

New Orleans musician and writer
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