Tour reflections

Solitude traveling by bus, sitting in every possible position three times out of boredom and nagging discomfort.  Roup house BBQ and Carnegie fascination.  New York coming together so well, collecting in Harlem.  Sprout Richmond scene with Laurie’s incredible generosity and locality.  Seeing and hearing Joni Mitchell’s Blue on vinyl for the first time.  Cats: Ghengis, Wolfie, and the stray stalking the Cleveland RTA stop.  Will Mayo putting me up against all odds.  Ophibre’s C-zero.  Almost missing the bus to Cleveland and flagging it down.  The Depot’s amazing open mic scene with Spielberg, and with DJ Unknown driving 90 miles from D.C.  Afternoon 106-degree heat in Joe Houpert’s attic playing amazing music on our maiden voyage – and not recording it.  Arriving in steamy Princeton ghost town summer campus, the sealed sarcophagus of Baker ice rink, Mike Hunter’s irrepressible enthusiasm, three euphoric music hours sailing by in the middle of the night.  Nick & Annie’s new Cleveland digs, bike ride, England’s Dreaming, curry and beer.

Interesting how in more adventurous situations, one may turn to less adventurous (but no less powerful) music.  Frequent listening:

-The Band, Music From Big Pink and The Band (leaving a city)

-The Replacements, Let It Be (in the evening)

-The Knife, Silent Shout (at dusk)


About Travis Bird

New Orleans musician and writer
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