Onward to autumn; changes afoot

Well, the first thing to note is that I’ll be moving from Chicago to New Orleans over the course of the next few months.  The feel, charm, pace, and–let’s face it–smaller size of the city have become irresistible to me, and I’ll be there by Thanksgiving.  As with previous moves, this is an aesthetic decision as much as a practical one–maybe more aesthetic than practical, considering how incredibly hard it has been to find an apartment down there, I mean seriously, can it really be that cutthroat?–but the inimitable NOLA life is something I feel I need to experience at the moment.

In the meantime, I’m embarking on an October tour with the Dutch Super 8mm filmmaker Jaap Pieters.  I’ll be providing improvised musical and nonmusical accompaniment, and acting as a technical coordinator.  I’ve played music along with Jaap’s films in the past, and I really love his work, so this will be a truly exciting experience.  The tour is coinciding with his screening at Anthology Film Archives on October 6, and will follow throughout the month.  Dates and locations announced soon.

Recording continues–on track to finish tracking in September during my final Chicago days.  The album will be mixed by Daniel Escauriza at Soundjitsu in Chicago.  Collaborators will include Devin Hoff, Marc Riordan, and Dan Burke.


About Travis Bird

New Orleans musician and writer
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