True/False Film Festival: Greetings

Greetings from day two of the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO. Now that preparations are in order, we can ignore the issue of why I’m here and focus on the always-outstanding programming and general vibe of the festival, which is perpetually on everyone’s lips and which enlivens Columbia in a big way during its four-day run.

Now in its twelfth-or-so year, T/F is a documentary-only festival, routinely pulling high-profile films (like this year’s Best Doc Oscar winner, “Undefeated”), local fare, and everything in between, spread across eight venues sprung up around the downtown area. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the enthusiasm, organization, and quality of the festival are unparalleled. It’s truly essential to the documentary filmmaking world.

T/F also has a tradition of “secret screenings,” which are scheduled screenings of films that, for various reasons, aren’t authorized to be screened. These are cryptically and anonymously described in the program notes, although in reality they range from works-in-progress to quite big films who may not yet have cleared legal hurdles.

I caught only one film last night, which happened to be a secret screening, identified only as “Secret Screening Purple.” It was a charming and dreamlike portrait of a city – all I can say is that when it was described in the program as “a distinctive American city,” I knew there could be only one that they were talking about. Highly recommended for future screenings.

More coming throughout the day and the weekend.


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