*Note: You can buy these items from me by emailing me.*

Travis Bird

Two Tidal States C30, Digitalis Ltd, 2011

Vein E.P.” CDr, self-released (Finland only), 2008

Dense Reduction

Aina Exchange” C30, The Offices of Moore & Moore, 2012

Shifting Interior” C20, 2:00AM Tapes, 2011

Shadows Of Shipwrecks In Napkins On Shore” C30, Notice Recordings, 2011

Fictive Agriculture” C40, Digitalis Ltd, 2010

Cornerstone Mill” C26, Notice Recordings, 2010

Hobbes Diamond” C30, Notice Recordings, 2010

Dense Reduction” C36, Notice Recordings, 2010

Travis Bird & Daniel Burke

NegentropyC30, Notice Recordings, 2010

Appearing on: “Offstrings: Inventions for GuitarLP+download, Complacency, 2010

The Leavitt Ours (or Ours, Leavitt/Ours)

Return” C24, ‘Spective Audio, 2011

Movement” C20, Notice Recordings, 2010

Vital” CDr, ‘Spective Audio, 2010

Cedar Wax Wings

Orphan Autumn” CDr, 2006 (unreleased)

In Absentia

“She Preferred Sleep” b/w “Soap” CDr, 2003 (unreleased)


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