Musical projects


Solo workintersection of songcraft, jazz, improv, and classical inspiration.  With the electric guitar, focused on density, tension and release, and harmonic complexity.  At times augmented by synthesizer and organ, and often with full-band and combo arrangements.

Dense Reduction – with Evan Lindorff-Ellery.  Pursuing the industrial-pastoral aesthetic through mostly analog and organic means.

The Leavitt Ours – drums and electronics, with Kelley Dailey (vocals, keyboards, bass), Nicholas Zettel (vocals, guitar).  Experimental rock trio in the “private psych” lineage, exploring territory among drone, pop, and abstract soundscapes. 

Travis Bird & Daniel Burke – eponymous guitar duo with Illusion of Safety mastermind.  Mixing musical and nonmusical sounds with guitar sources.  Occasionally collaborating for live IOS performances.

PASSIVE (partial)

Fortunate Sons 2008-2011; Paris Schutz Band 2009-10; Team Band 2008-09; Empire State Express 2007-08; Cedar Wax Wings 2005-07; The Space Invaders 2003-04; Red Chemist 2002-2004…


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